Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 4 of 101 in 1001

This week has gone by very fast.  I can't believe a month has gone by already since I started. I'm just very glad that I'm making some progress.  When I made my list I had to cut it down some, so I'm going to post the rest of my list as well and see if I can complete the rest as well.

So this week I did complete another goal.  I bought a new smoke detector. I know it doesn't seem like much but I've gone way too long without one in my house and honestly it was just plain stupid for me not to have one.  We can now say that we have 2 brand new smoke detectors in our house.

I have quite a few goals in progress right now. 

Still saving all my change.

I'm now on day 2 of no fast food.  I've had to start this over a time or two or three lol

Almost done flossing everyday for a month, I will keep this one going after the goal is reached.

I asked for another address to send a post card through postcrossing, I'll be sending it to Australia

My husband has been off for the last few days so we went through the house and found a bunch of things to donate, so far 65 out of 101 have been donated.

Starting today I will be attempting to eat only soup for a week, exercise everyday and finally complete losing 10 lbs.

I found this picture while browsing stumbleupon, thought I would share it with you.


  1. So glad you got your smoke detectors...stunning photo!

  2. Yes that was one thing I really wanted to get done