Monday, February 7, 2011

Week one of 101 in 1001

Exactly one week ago today I started my 101 goals in 1001 days and I thought I would give a little update on how it's going.

Goals completed:

I inspired my sister ( and a few other people ) to make a list of their own.

So that's only one down so far but I'm working on others.

Goals in Progress:

I have sent 2 post cards through post crossing out of the 10 I said I wanted to send.  Honestly I really can't wait to get some postcards from other countries so I think I may go well over the 10.

I have been flossing everyday for a week so far, only 3 more weeks and this goal is done, but I do plan on continuing on with it. It would just be silly not to.

I have left 2 inspirational note in public out of the 101 I plan to do.

I'm saving all my change

I've answered 100 out of the 5000 questions

I'm working on my sales and followers.

So not too bad considering my little guy has been sick with the flu for the last 4 days.

I'll keep updating as I go :)


  1. I don't remember if I already commented that I was stealing the postcard idea. It's awesome! I even blogged about it this week. So thanks!

  2. Awesome, I'm going to go read it now :)

  3. Hmmmm I already have a list of 101 things to do before I die...but this might good. Goals I want to accomplish tthis year...I might try this!

  4. I have a list for things to do before I die too, I liked this idea because I can put smaller goals that I want to accomplish in a few years.

  5. what an inspiring post!!! Its begining of the year and great time to get down to a list of things that you want to achieve.. i usually start with smaller tasks that i can complete.. that gives me the courage to move on to a bigger goals.. Good Luck..

  6. Thanks so much, good luck to you too